This year is bringing many changes to Humanitarian Software Foundation as our software continues to evolve. Due to the recent growth of our Humanitarian Enterprise Logistics Manager (HELM©) product, and the transformation of our WDF into the new HELM© Control Panel Panel combined with the Portessa™ Portal Builder we have decided to create Humanitarian Software LLC. This decision was made to streamline the support process, and make it easier for our valued customers to have direct access to the correct support network for their system.

Humanitarian Software LLC is a new entity that will be the primary provider for sales and support services for the Portessa™ Portal Builder. HSF will now be actively seeking 501c3 status this year in an effort to become more focused on R&D for the improvement of technology solutions for humanitarian causes. In addition to this, we are starting new initiatives to work with donors to help support the causes of humanitarian aid organizations. We are committed to providing the best possible support for the many humanitarian organizations that we assist with our software because we know that when we help you run efficiently you can contribute more effort towards helping your cause.