After nearly two years in the making, we are finally proud to announce the product line of our new sister company, Orange Horse Technology (OHT). The cooperative agreement and development effort between HSF and OHT is now paying off with two new product offerings that will greatly strengthen the website and portal development tools available to our customers.

Using HSF’s WDF as a starting point, HSF and OHT jointly developed two new products: Portal Builder for WordPress and the secure Data Engine.

Portal builder is a front end design tool that makes it easy to create, drag, and drop queries, forms, lists, free form data, shortcodes, logic, and many other elements into WordPress pages. Portal Builder also greatly extends the user authentication, security, roles and access to a given WordPress based site. This is an ideal tool for creating web portals, or any data centric website.

Data Engine is a back end component that works in conjunction with Portal Builder. The Data Engine is designed to be installed behind the firewall where is has secure access to the corporate database. The Data Engine then gives a secure RESTful web services API that Portal Builder or direct programming can utilize for a secure front end website.

As Portal Builder and the Data Engine will work with most SQL databases, the product will be marketed by OHT to a commercial audience. For the 2018 product offering (scheduled for release January 2018) HSF will utilize Portal Builder in place of the front end development tools contained in WDF. WDF will continue to be the go to product for internal site administration and configuration for HELM.

The new Portal Builder and Data Engine products have been in Beta testing since June 2017 and are expected to be in full production release on January 1, 2018.

This new alliance adds enhanced tools and additional resources to the lineup of products and services from HSF.