An update to the Query Builder was released today. This update offers two primary improvements. The first is adding an Advanced Options section to the Query Builder function to give additional control and query abilities for Form specific queries. The other noticeable improvement is to the query testing and result preview functionality of the main select query.

Query Builder is now a two layered function. The first layer allows the creation of the primary select SQL query statement. The Builder walks the user through selecting the data source, columns desired, and building a where clause to select the target data. Query builder is aware of all global and page level variables and lets the user tie any combination of these variables into the query. The user can then press the “Test Query” button and the Data Engine will test the query and return a preview of the results, or a detailed error message if there is a problem with the query.

As many functions of Portal Builder – like free placement of data elements as shortcodes – only require the primary query, the Query Builder now separates advanced query options for Forms into a separate Advanced area. The Advanced Properties area allows for the manipulation and testing of update and insert queries that may be used in a Form. Similarly, these additional queries now have an improved testing function so the user can have confidence in the queries before building a form.