Humanitarian Software Foundation announced development of expanded database support for its HELM and Portal Builder products.

Historically, the primary database choices for HELM, and its predecessor, iBEM, have been Oracle and IBM DB2. In recent years, Oracle has by far been the predominant database option, and the default for all HELM installations.

With the ever expanding development of the Portal Builder product, and the new development partnership with Orange Horse Technology, the need for larger database support has become a higher priority. The ability to not only support more database options with HELM, but expand system integration options, and wider customer portal support will be among the benefits of this new initiative.

The largest database support will be with the Portal Builder product. Currently this development is expanding to support Oracle, Microsoft SQL, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and its newest addition – SAP HANA. This powerful database support will be built into the back end RESTful Data Engine utilized by the Portal Builder product.

This is the first of many new announcements to come as the development arrangement with Orange Horse Technology gains momentum.

Steve Bardos, Director, Humanitarian Software Foundation