Humanitarian Software Foundation is proud to announce a joint product development arrangement with Orange Horse Technology, a Clemson, SC based corporation.

Orange Horse Technology will be investing development and marketing resources to further improve and expand the Portal Builder product originally developed by Humanitarian Software. The result will be a more robust product that Orange Horse will market commercially under private brand, while Humanitarian Software will still retain full code and use license to use the product for its own purposes.

With the quickly growing popularity of Humanitarian Software’s Portal Builder product, it became clear that the applications for this web portal development tool extend far beyond the non-profit and humanitarian aid markets. The commercial market for a reliable, easy to use client portal web development software, with secure backend data engine is significant. Orange Horse Technology is planning on having its first release of the Portal Builder product available in the 3rd quarter 2017.

Orange Horse Technology is currently working with Humanitarian Software to define new product features for the summer release of the Portal Builder product. Among the areas already targeted are increased user security groups and roles features, choices of front and backend system authentication methods, and expansion of API and procedure calls across a larger list of database management systems.

Steve Bardos, Director, Humanitarian Software Foundation