Steve Bardos, Director of Humanitarian Software, met with Dan Neil, Director of Operations at Heart To Heart International at their headquarters in Lenexa, KS last week. In the two day meeting, Dan and several members of their PowerServe team reviewed the plans for the next generation of HELM’s kitting module.

In this joint application design meeting, many new aspects of the design were reviewed. The main feature additions that were laid out included adding component items, and the ability to ship kits with manifests reflecting either top level kit items, or the kit component items. This allows not only for better visibility during order building, but also for more flexibility in meeting shipping and customs needs.

Other new features added included the ability to purposely “overbuild” a kit production run. This gives a percentage of spare raw materials to assure the final production output meets targets despite any damage or rounding errors in raw materials that are counted by weight or length. In conjunction with overbuilding is the addition of features to un-release any unused items from production runs.

Additional enhancements added included grouping of items across pallets or other receiving license plates while maintaining lot and source traceability.

These and other enhancements to the kitting process will further strengthen HELM’s capabilities to meet the needs of high volume kit production, like that at PowerServe.