Today, Guari Kulkarni, Lead Web Developer for Humanitarian Software, demonstrated how Free Form data elements work within Workpress pages. The new capability comes from the addition of a new Query Designer plugin for query generation combined with additional shortcode selectors in the WordPress pages component.

Within the Query Designer plugin a user can define and name any number of database queries from the host database. These queries can be defined as single row or multi-dimensional data arrays.

Then, when editing a page in WordPress, the user can select any defined query, and any columns of data from that result set, and drop them anywhere on the page as shortcodes. When the page is rendered, the live data for those elements is loaded and seamlessly embedded in the page content.

In addition, new selectors have been added to the WordPress page designer to allow for looping and other control blocks. This gives the user the ability to define a block of page content that will loop and render as many times as directed (or as many times as there are results in the result set) and replace the content with each sequential result from the set. This gives the user the ability to easily create lists of results or content that changes with every row (like information on a number of products).